Let’s Learn English

21 07 2008

يه توپ دارم قلقليه!

I have a ball roundy rounded
It’s red ,white and blue
When I hit it against the ground
You have no idea how far it goes
I didn’t have this ball
I did my homeworks well
My dad gave me an Eid gift
Gave me a rounded ball 

اتل متل توتوله!

How’s Hassan’s Cow
She doesn’t have neither milk nor tits
They took her milk to India
Marry a Kurdish Woman
Name her Amghezy
Around her hat reddish
Aachin and Vaachin,
cross one of your legs! 

عمو زنجيرباف!

Uncle chain knitter
Have you knit my chain
Did you throw it behind the mountain
Father has just arrived
What does he bring
Pea and raisin
Eat it and come